After over twenty-five years in Canadian top tier law firms (Byers Casgrain, Stikeman Elliott and McCarthy Tétrault), I, Serge Tousignant, founded my own firm located in the heart of the business district, here, in Montréal, in order to have better control over the essence of providing business legal services, namely help my clients meet their business objectives by bringing relevant legal expertise, judgment and timely execution, all within a cost structure that is reasonable in light of the project at hand.The network I developed over the years of practice gives me the flexibility to tailor the delivery of my legal services to a project by project basis.Licensed in Law by the University of Ottawa in 1991 and called to the Québec Bar in 1992, I gave numerous conferences and workshops, including, with respect to M&A processes, the drafting of agreements and project management applied to legal services.

Serge Tousignant

Tousignant Avocats


The Tousignant Lawyers practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions, private equity (including venture capital), corporate reorganizations as well as ongoing business matters.The firm provides strategic advice in complex and more simple business transactions both cross-border and domestic.Tousignant Lawyers acts for clients in a wide variety of industries such as printing, publishing, pharmaceutical products, technology, energy, manufacturing and finance.

Private Mergers and Acquisitions / Financing

Communications, edition, publishing and TV production:  Portfolio restructuring,  business acquisitions/divestitures;Capital:  Investments in the technology sector (aviation);Capital: Investments and divestitures on behalf of Quebec and Canadian pension funds (Canada/USA/Europe);Energy:  Acquisition by a conglomerate of energy control systems businesses;Energy/Capital: Acquisitions/divestitures in the gas and oil industry;Food: Acquisition of Quebec’s largest bakery;Food: Acquisition of shares held by the minority shareholders of the Maritimes’ largest  bakery;Food: Acquisition of a major gluten-free  food manufacturer and distributor (Canada/USA);Health: Acquisition of a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of natural health products;Health/Capital : Acquisition of a major manufacturer of food supplements and non-prescription drugsHealth: Advice in the context of a transaction services agreement with the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec and various service providers or managers;Health: Acquisition of a business active in management systems for human blood banks;

Financing : bank (operating credits and term/project financing);Financing: BDC, IQ, CDPQ and private equity funds (manufacturing, technology, pharmaceutical and services);Manufacturing: Acquisition of a medical gas production and distribution group;Manufacturing: Acquisition of manufacturing businesses in the construction materials and related products sector;Manufacturing: Acquisition/divestiture of businesses in the paper products sector;Manufacturing : Acquisitions/divestitures of businesses in the development, manufacturing and distribution of auto parts (Canada/USA) ;Pharmaceutical : Sale of the Canadian distribution operations of a pharmaceutical distributor;Pharmaceutical : Acquisition of pharmaceutical specialty businesses;Real Estate : Acquisition of interests in businesses owning  commercial properties and industrial sites;Real Estate:  Sale/leaseback transactions;Resources:  Sale of the Sigma-Lamaque and Kiena et la mines;Services: Acquisitions/divestitures in the service industry (supply chain, logistics and professional services).

Joint ventures

Joint Venture in  North American entertainment businesses;Joint Venture in a rare earths industrial site;Joint Venture in specialized aluminum products;Joint Venture in cell phone applications businesses;

Jillian’s of Montréal:  Structuring a joint venture with the  Montreal Forum Group;Joint Venture related to the establishment of a virtual private social club joint venture;Negotiated exits from joint ventures, including in the garment and publishing industries.

General business matters / Business reorganization

Industrial Gas:  General advice  regarding operating agreements;Restructuration : Reorganization of conglomerates;Reorganization of subsidiaries and divisions of manufacturing businesses (across Canada);Advice: procurement (defense and health industries);

Questions  on the protection of personal information (and access to information requests/answers);IT Agreements;Franchising;Supply chain matters (suppliers/clients);Review of standard agreements used in day-to-day business matters.

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